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You Design it. We make it happen.

Welcome to Omega Circuits and Engineering Capabilities. We are your one stop shop for all of your Printed Circuit Board needs! If you have a PCB design and don’t know if its capable of being manufactured, contact us! We will review, recommend and make changes with your approval before we build. 

At OCE we excel in building heavy copper circuits for high voltage or surging amp loads.  Our experience in IPC Class III standards, very stringent cleanliness requirements, heavy copper and production tolerances allow us to provide our customers exactly what they need for their end product.  For All Heavy Copper Jobs up to 6oz come with a FREE MICRO SECTION to prove your Copper thickness.


Services and Builds


  • Artwork Layout from your schematic or sample board

  • Heavy copper up to 9oz for high voltage with FREE MICRO SECTION

  • Manufacture prototypes within 48+ hours

  • Multi-layers up to 18 layers

  • Aluminum PCBs

  • Surface Mount Technology

  • Micro Section Evaluation Reports

  • Blind/Buried Vias

  • Copper Chem Mill and Aluminum Heat Sinks

  • FREE INVENTORY WAREHOUSING for production orders !

  • WE DO IT All !

aluminum circuits


It all starts with the materials you choose for your build. At Omega Circuits and Engineering we utilize a wide variety of top quality materials. JIT inventory programs can be established upon customer request.

FR4s are always stocked.

Boards can be built on but not limited to FR4 all TGs, Aluminum, Polyimide, and Teflons.

Material Suppliers include but not limited to



  • Rogers

  • Arlon

  • Taconic

  • Isola

  • Bergquist

  • Nelco

Fabrication and PCB Types


Omega Circuits & Engineering Corp. has the manufacturing capability and personnel to satisfy customer’s requirements for both prototype and production orders of single, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards.  Our experienced staff assists customers in the layout and configuration of their design for manufacturability.  Interaction and cooperation with the customer is maintained through all phases of prototype development in order to achieve the desired results.  Prototype and small production quantity orders are fabricated in as few as 48 hours. Fabrication starts after artwork is approved by graphics designer.

Capabilities are included but not limited to. At OCE we are constantly upgrading processes to stay advanced in the PCB industry. If you have a questions, just call and one of our engineers would be more than happy to assist you. Check below to see out capabilities chart.


LPI Solder Masks


We can provide what’s required for your solder mask needs. Green solder mask is always stocked and will be the color unless notified. Different colors include green, blue, black, yellow, orange and white. Just about any color in the rainbow.



Legends or markings can be put on single or both sides. Legends will be white epoxy based ink unless otherwise specified. UV Cure is also available. Colors include but not limited to white, black, red, orange, yellow, & blue.

Plating and Surface Finishes


We understand your PCB may need to have a unique build so we offer standard and unique finishes. All plating thicknesses will be plated to IPC or MIL 55110 specs unless otherwise specified.

We are constantly adding new surface finish options. If you need a finish you don’t see, please ask us if its available. See capabilities chart for standard finish thicknesses. Finishes include but not limited to

  • HAL

  • Immersion Tin RoHS

  • Immersion Nickel

  • Immersion Silver

  • Immersion Gold

  • Hard Gold

  • Wire Bondable/ Solderable Gold

  • ENIG (Electrolysis, Nickel, Gold)

  • Anodizing (Blue, Black, Yellow, and other colors available)

Electrical Testing


We offer a wide range of Electrical tests. See below for the tests offered. All Electrical tests follow IPC-TM 650.


  • Electrical Testing

  • Flying Probe


  • Universal Grid Test (Bed-O-Nails)

heavy copper circuits aluminum circuits
heavy copper circuits
Micro-Section Test Reports


The test results are what counts in building a quality product. That’s why at Omega Circuits we show our results and stand behind our boards. Upon customer request, all Class 3 circuits will undergo a comprehensive micro section evaluation including solder float. Tests and procedures will be conducted to IPC-TM 650 and IPC-A-600H.

Digital Microscopes used are calibrated annually.

heavy copper circuits aluminum circuits
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