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About Omega Circuits

Omega Circuits & Engineering Corporation

    Omega Circuits & Engineering Corp. is a privately owned manufacturer of high-technology printed circuit boards founded 1980.  Our customer base is in excess of 200 companies, including military outfits, and leaders in electronics and communication fields. Best of all BUILT IN THE USA, RIGHT IN NEW JERSEY!


    Omega Circuits and Engineering has the manufacturing capability and personnel to satisfy customer requirements for both prototypes and production orders of single, double-sided, and complex multilayer printed circuit boards. Our experienced staff will assist you from the layout of your design all the way through each manufacturing stage. Interaction and cooperation is maintained through all phases of circuit development to achieve desired results. Prototypes and small production orders can be fabricated in 48 hours.


    The facilities of Omega Circuits & Engineering Corp. have progressed since its modest and short term beginnings  to its current 18,000 square feet of custom industrial space two acres of prime real estate in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Omega Circuits and Engineering is continuously upgrading equipment and developing new processes to keep up with the worlds demand for high technology PCBs.

Why Omega?


Established in 1980, Omega Circuits and Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards.  Specializing in thermal management, Omega offers deliverable solutions to your PCB design to lower thermal coefficients by offering metal based PCBs and heavy copper tracing.   Working side by side with visionary engineers Omega is dedicated to making your design manufacturable while focusing on quality.


Our clients include top engineers in the High Frequency/RF Microwave, Defense, Communications, and Medical Industries. 

Where other facilities "Can't build it"  Omega Circuits & Engineering is happy to take on the challenge.


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