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Omega Circuits and Engineering Manufactures Superior Quality,


        Printed Circuit Boards


We are in the board business dedicated

to consistent American Built,

Quality Printed Circuit Boards.




















 A company that not only builds your circuits but helps engineer them to stand up to todays demand for high technology is right HERE! Not only do we manufacture, we will develop a process for your PCB project.






  • Standard single and double sided printed circuit boards


  • Multi-layers Up to 18 Layers


  • HDI - Blind and Burried Vias


  • Aluminum  Based PCBs


  • Heavy Copper Up to 9 oz


  • Micro-section Analysis IPC or Military


  • Fast Prototype to Mass Production


  • Turn Key Populated PCBs


  • Mil Spec 5510 and IPC Class III

  • RoHS Finishes


  • Custom Copper Heat Sink  Manufacturing


  • Aluminum Milling and Anodizing


  • Copper Chem Mill Service




At OCE we offer a complete turn key assembly for your PCB design. Omega Circuits & Engineering is able to offer automated as well as manual assembly solutions. Generally all components are supplied by the customer.

JIT programs are available to  customers after consignment. 


  • Plated Through Hole Assemblies (PTH)

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

  • RoHS Compliant

  • 63/37 Tin Lead Alloy Assemblies

  • Lead Free Electro Mechanical Assemblies

  • Pressed Terminals and Pem Nuts

  • Wire Harness Assemblies

  • Prototype Fabrication

  • Functional Testing and Box Build

  • Turn Key and Consigned Materials




Why Omega?

Established in 1980, Omega Circuits & Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards. Specializing in thermal management, Omega offers deliverable solutions to your PCB design to lower thermal coefficients by offering metal based PCBs and heavy copper tracing.   Working side by side with visionary engineers Omega is dedicated to making your design manufacturable and cost competitive.

Our clients include top engineers in the High Frequency/RF Microwave, Defense, Communications, and Medical Industries.   

Where other facilities "Can't build it"  Omega Circuits and Engineering is happy to take on the challenge.




PCB Thermal Management Solutions
metal core circuits

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