Welcome to Omega Circuits and Engineering Capabilities. We are your one stop shop for all of your PCB needs! If you have a PCB design and don’t know if its capable of being manufactured, contact us!

At OCE we excel in building heavy copper multilayers for high voltage or surging amp loads. All Heavy Copper Jobs over 6oz come with a FREE MICRO SECTION to prove your Copper thickness is where you need it.

Services and Builds

  • Art work Layout from your schematic or sample board
  • Heavy copper up to 14oz for high voltage with FREE MICRO SECTION
  • Manufacture prototypes within 48+ hours
  • Multilayers up to 20 layers
    • Aluminum Single, Double, and Multilayer PCBs
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Micro section Evaluation Reports
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Copper and Aluminum Heat Sinks
  • WE DO IT All!

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